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Rooted in Reality

A journey through food, motherhood, wife-dom, life as a Dietitian and being a hopelessly devoted product junkie - Join me 
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Oh, heyyyyyy!


I'm Liz, a mid-thirties always mom, the sometime housewife, my husband's girlfriend (when I'm not his mom too), Registered Dietitian, current survivor of a pixie grow-out and lover of all things food, shopping and anything to help to survive the daily grind.

Life, Recipes & Tips 


Life ain't easy. This momma surely isn't trying to sugar coat anything - rather lets let this be a place of reality, fun and tips that work. 

Stubborn as always, I love to NEVER follow a recipe and when I create one, it's always by "eye", but hey, there's no time like now to really write it all down and share it with you people.

Head to the blog for recipes!
Professional Life


A Registered Dietitian for thirteen years, I have plenty of nutritional tips up my sleeves. I have a strong history in wellness, dietary supplements (don't even get me started on that cray industry), geriatric care and family wellness.


I despise counting, weighing, dieting...let's get down to the real real and figure out exactly how to meet your goals! Click the Rooted Nutrition logo to find my business services!

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