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This is a story that could go on for pages. When I started as a Dietitian, some thirteen years ago, I was (for lack of a better term) a shallow twit. It happens to many in their early twenties, I suppose. It's taken becoming a momma twice over, a devastating case of thyroid cancer, losing my little brother to the side effects of brain cancer, an early divorce from a toxic relationship and a new marriage, to build all of this character that I hear that I have.

You know what? I'd love to have built up enough character for a while to allow fate to let me just sit and wallow in a glorious, idyllic life. Kids, marriage and a two jobs sort of get in the way and burst that bubble. The thing is though...I love this craziness. Some days I want to cry and stay under the covers and remain there until it's lunchtime, but most days I work my damnedest and enjoy embracing the chaos. 

This is a place for those who are okay with real, are okay with a mess, are okay with learning fun things about nutrition by a Dietitian and then the next day seeing a post about macaroni and cheese. It's all good. Life is too short to worry about perfection. I'm more worried about what fun thing I get to eat next....and, even more importantly,

will there be prosecco?

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