• Lizzie Westinghouse

I Love You, Instant Pot. I Love Youuuu.

Okay, yeah, I took a break from the blog. I had to. In the meantime, I completely learned to master my Instant Pot. This think is the biggest kitchen breakthrough in like, ever.

Busy mom life = "omg, I took nothing out of the freezer to cook" kind of nights more often than I care to admit. You too? I know, right?!

So, based on my previous post, it sort of seemed like I was IP doomed, but I. DID. NOT. GIVE. UP.

This little spaceship is genius and I love her; especially on the nights where I throw in a package of FROOOZEN boneless, skinless thighs with a sauce of choice and 40 minutes later, VOILA. The family thinks that I'm the goddess that I damn well deserve to be.

This post is more boring than I'd anticipated, but I guess it's truth. I wanted to update that you should NEVER give up on a gadget that promises greatness in no time. 'Tis da bomb.

Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken and Green Beans

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