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When Life Hands you Lemons

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Schmoly. Life gets insane sometimes. When I first started this blog, I ate, slept and breathed it for weeks. Then the baby started teething. Then my side practice picked up. Then the baby got his millionth ear infection. Then my daughter needed me. Then I had to study for and PASS my CPT certification (harder than I thought, but DONE!).

Shit happens, amiright?

In that, I neglected the blog. Frick. I feel frustrated and completely normal all at once. Sometimes you just need to step back, handle the dirty work, and come back with a new perspective.

I feel like I know that I'm not the only one here. Life is so roller coaster-ish. Such high highs, such low lows and sometimes, those stagnant spots that somehow get us back to a low or a high.

I'm missing this though. Even as my fingers type this out, I'm feeling light and free and back to my jam. I love writing out my thoughts, even if I'm the only one who reads them (I semi-suspect this, ha!).

I guess that this post isn't really about anything at all other than damn, where did 5 months go (shhhh, I know it's 6). Let me have this.

Part of me thought I'd let this go and part of me was like, get your arse back on there! I was reminded of one of my favorite visuals that I give to my clients who want to give up on their goals after an accidental cheat day - if you were driving along down a highway and you suddenly got a flat tire, you wouldn't then get out and pop the other three tires because the one was deflated, would you? Nope. You'd fix it and move along on the road. Well, here I am. Fixing my flat.

So, hey, homies. I'm back. I'll do my best to stay back. This is too fun not to.

Sometimes you need to take time to enjoy the (cloudy) view.

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