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Lawd Have Mercy...Go to Sleep

Babies, am I right?

Meet my little lovie-muffin, the boy that lights up my days. After I had my daughter almost 9 years ago, I knew that I would love to have another baby. As fate would have it, cancer almost put a complete kebosh on my desires, but 8 years later, here is my little bubbie.

I long for the moments that I get out of work. I LOOOOVE seeing that little meatball grin on his rosy cheeked face. We play. We eat. We laugh so much. But, dammit, Bubba, when nighttime raises it's dark shadow, this little moose of a boy turns into the the sleep resister. He's easily up 4-7 times per night and we've tried so many things. I'm currently into the crying it out method, which has had it's ups and downs. I can't even though most days. Why is this baby so sweet and happy during the day and wide awake and miserable at night?! I'll never know...

Most nights when I go in to tend to his wails, I find him on his back. So many babies sleep on their back happily. Mine? No. Never. He's been a tummy sleeper for a long time and is so damn wide, that if he rolls to his back, instead of rolling back over, the dude turtles. He is about 10 months old. Roll the heck over, man. Ha. <sob>

Just to be ironic, my little hunny bunches was caught at day care, sleeping like (I refuse to say "a baby" here) my husband and was passed out cold ON. HIS. BACK. Whatever sorcery that they implement at this place is advanced and damn good. Don't worry, later that night, he turtled all night, just to let me know that he's still got it.

How the FLIP did they do that?!

Mommas with babies...what worked for you? How did you get your littles to finally sleep through the night, or hell, only even wake up once or twice. That would feel like a damn vacation on a sunny beach at this point. LOVE him, but ohhhh my, momma is so tired.

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