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Liz's Holiday Gift Guide - 2020!

This time of year, are we not completely frenzied with what to give everyone on our list? This year has placed a bit of a spin on the desires of many of us and health, feeling cozy and helping small businesses seems to be at the tip top of many lists this year.

If you’re looking to give yourself or others the gift of health, cozy and even beauty this year, I’ve put together my list of gift ideas, both here within Rooted Nutrition’s doors and elsewhere to help you as you treat others (or you!).

Everything listed has been sourced to be either local or ethically sourced using fair trade practices. There are no affiliate links here - just lovely products!

For the Coffee Lover:

  • Send them a gift certificate or a few pounds of freshly roasted beans from Monkey Joe Roasting Company, from right nearby in Kingston, NY.

    • Monkey Joe is committed to purchasing beans grown with sustainable, Rainforest Alliance, Shade Grown, and Fair Trade Certified coffees.

    • These beans are then locally roasted in small batches and cannot be fresher!

For the Lover of Skincare:

  • Know someone who is obsessed with clean skincare? Look no further than Savor Beauty, which is a national company and yet the products are mixed and hand poured right here in Saugerties, NY!

  • These products are based on Korean skincare principles and are impeccably formulated to really make a difference in your skin. I’ve been using this line for years and it has made such a difference in my skin’s texture and aging process.

  • The spa is currently closed due to COVID-19, however you can still order these products off of their website. I highly recommend the Raspberry Seed Serum and the Cherry Collagen Peel - they both have changed my skin for the better!

  • They also have these great gift sets if you’re looking for a quick, excellent gift idea for that person in your life that “has everything.

For the Local Good Food Lover:

  • If you’re shopping for someone in the Saugerties/Woodstock area who you know loves great food, delicious coffee and supporting local, women-owned businesses, then get them a gift card to one of my favorite places - Olsen and Company.

    • O & Co is located in both Saugerties and Woodstock - they offer delicious coffees, ridiculously good sandwiches, the best chicken salad that I’ve ever had and so many local and hand-curated grocery items.

    • These stores are owned and operated by women and they have put their lives and hearts into creating a beautiful place to eat lunch, grab something to go or support your favorite small companies by purchasing their grocery fare.

For the Jewelry Lover:

  • Do you have someone in your life who adores beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry and you aren’t sure what you get this year? Check out Mira Wren jewelry!

  • This one female-owned jewelry company is stocked with the most gorgeous jewelry, hand designed and created necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

  • I discovered her through a friend and she has been not only a delight to talk to, but makes the most beautiful pieces!

  • This Moonstone necklace is my favorite - I love how she uses 14k gold-filled chains and pieces so that tarnishing and turning is never a worry.

For the Lover of Cozy:

  • This unisex waffle knit robe from Coyuchi is one of the best cozy wears that I know!

  • Coyuchi is a great place to find ethically sourced, made and traded wares for your home, including apparel - plus they use AfterPay, which is always a gift to the buyer, ha!

For the Sneaker Lover:

  • Allbirds has my vote all day, every day. These shoes are beyond comfortable, made from sustainable and recycled materials and truly pass the wear and tear test - my husband. He is ridiculously rough on his clothing and shoes and these have held up, still look brand new and he states they are the most comfortable shoes he’s ever had.

  • He loves his Tree Runners - they also have shoes and other items for women and kids!

For the Chef in Your Life:

  • I’m going to go back to basic with this one - if you know someone who loves to cook and they don’t already have one, I highly recommend splurging and treating them to a Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

  • These are made in France and have been lauded over the years to be the best of the best! I have one in Caribbean Blue and I have loved it over and over again. These are truly the best and worth every penny.

For the Chocolate Lover:

  • Okay, so I often think that fancy chocolate tastes bitter. It’s my own thing. I like delicious chocolate - I also really want the beans to be fair trade and ethically sourced. A conundrum.

  • Enter, Fruition Chocolate- it’s completely delicious and their mission is even more impressive. It’s a local company, not even 30 minutes from my house and their chocolate is pristine perfection. A few bars make a great stocking stuffer - you can purchase these in store, at Adams and on our website!

For the Giver:

  • For those who love to donate, purchase a gift from the gift catalog at Heifer International in their name!

  • Everything purchased goes to helping those in need improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. For example, this year in my dad’s name, I purchased the gift of honeybees to families in need of income. This gift provides these families with the bees, along with training, skills and equipment needed to maintain them and harvest the honey for income. Win/win - the earth desperately needs more honeybees and you can help a family in need!

  • I love Heifer because they donate the largest portion of their donations to those in need instead of other organizations that keep quite a large percentage of the donations in house.


Here are my favorite products at Rooted Nutrition, either for yourselves or your loved ones. Always remember, that it is up to you to make sure that any supplements or products that you choose to take or give are up to you to make sure that they do not interact with your current medication/supplement regimen and/or have ingredients that you may have allergies to.

For the Person in Need of Guidance:

  • Initial Consultation with both myself (Registered Dietitian) and Josh (Herbalist)!

  • This consultation is the ultimate first step towards understanding your body and how we can make and adjust your lifestyle and regimen to easily meet your goals for now and the future!

  • You’ll meet with me both of us to discuss your nutritional needs and how/if supplements can help achieve your goals.

  • We have a great time and will send you a detailed package of information, suggestions and recommendations after our meeting together!

For the Beauty Lover:

  • So, personally, I’m totally obsessed with these Grass-Fed Collagen capsules. Most collagen products are made from hides, hooves and horns. This collagen is made from much better sources, making it much more effective! Click the link to read more.

  • I have found this to be a game changer for my hair growth and nail strength. I even have noticed skin changes using these consistently!

For Those in Need of a Pep in Their Step:

  • Okay, so I’ve been completely obsessed with Nutriplex Formulas BFOOD Complex for years now. It’s a blend of foods that are rich in the gamut of B vitamins, but instead of taking synthetic vitamins, this is a food supplement, so you’re getting the wide variety of other nutrients needed for ultimate absorption and health.

  • I have found that this helps to support my personal energy levels and moods each day - I don’t ever want to go without it!

For Those Looking for Healthy Hair:

  • If you know me, then you know that I’ve been working hard to grow out a pixie cut that I had last year. It’s been a brutal process that has been made much easier using the collagen above, the skillful hands of my stylist, Francine, and this amazing product utilizing Ayurvedic principles, called Healthy Hair.

  • I take this faithfully and have for months - I swear it’s been helping my very fine and thin hair grow faster and stronger. It’s amazing!

For The Vinegar Lover

  • Look no further that the most delicious apple cider vinegar that you’ve ever tasted! This makes a great stocking stuffer - it’s even on sale right now!

  • It’s made from certified organic and biodynamic NYS apples and has the most delicious flavor - highly recommended!

For the Clean Lover:

  • Have you ever used a tongue scraper? It may sound a little far fetched to some, but a tongue scraper is one of my favorite things! Starting your morning with a scrape of all of the accumulated nighttime buildup on your tongue can make your whole mouth feel clean as a whistle!

  • Perfect stocking stuffer - I love mine so much!

For the Bone Broth Enthusiast:

  • After years of searching, Josh was able to find a legit bone broth powder that keeps the crucial essential components of what you’d want in bone broth perfectly intact.

  • These powders from Wander Broth are made from pastured chickens and cows and done exactly right - it’s not often that you find a powder bone broth that will gel once hydrated and cooled - it’s how you know it’s done right!

  • Take these on the go! To the office, gym, out for errands...just mix and sip. Delicious!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed coming up with a list of my favorites for you!

Happy Holidays to all - no matter what you celebrate, this time of year is pure magic. I know the pandemic is putting a wash of misery on the whole thing, but if you look deep enough, the magic we create in times like this can be the most powerful gift of all.

*crossposted to the Rooted Nutrition Blog as well :)

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