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This Frickin' InstantPot Tho....

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

I want to be good at this, dammit! How the biggest craze to hit kitchens since the Vitamix is giving me agida.

This little beauty has been tempting me for years. The ability to cook my mother's pot roast recipe in 45 minutes, vs 3 hours. Yes. The ability to make a quick evening dinner in minutes? Heck yes. Cue in Christmas and my husband needing a gift idea and this new toy is gracing my countertops.

I don't consider myself dumb in the kitchen. Not at all. I've cooked dinners since I was 9, I've catered, I've created recipes for years. But this, this, R2D2 device has my brain screaming "mayday!" and heading for the hills.

I've tried it twice now. The first meal, I followed the recipe to a T and still the machine beeped at my halfway through, the "burn" signal red hot and in my face. FAIL! Ugh. Fine. I opened it up after steam filled my kitchen and the food was half cooked and the rice scorched to death on the bottom. Awesome. Rubber chicken for dinner.

We tried it again last night. I wanted to make a pot roast. Again, I followed the recipe diligently and what happened when I released the pressure? Stew volcano. Steamy, frothy stew spouting from the release valve. Cabinets? Check. Floor? Check. Countertops? Check. Check. Everything was covered. <facepalm>

I cannot and will not give up. I won't. But...damn, InstantPot, your name fails you. I'll need an associates degree in coding cookers to figure this out. I won't quit. Not today at least. I WILL own this gadget and understand its inner workings. Next time, I'll add beer to my drinking glass as well as the roast.

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