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How a Dietitian Does Fried Potatoes

Updated: Jan 13, 2018

I blame my husband. (My favorite thing to say.) He's the one who introduced me to this madness.

As much as the world would like to believe that we dietitian-folk eat veggies, salads and chicken breasts all day long, I'd like to point out that we are almost always foodie-types first, who eat more "naughty" foods than you'd think. I'm a FIRM believer that there is room for everything when it comes to eating. I will not beat myself up if I make an indulgent choice here or there. Life is far too short.

I'm a carb girl. They are what I want. All day. Bread. Rice. Pasta. Baked goods. Damn. I love 'em. All of them. I don't really consume them as often as I used to; I just don't feel as good after eating most of them. My most favorite starchy carb though and one that I love more than the others are potatoes. I pride myself on my ridiculously rich mashies. I roast them, boil them, heck I will even eat one raw. I LOVE POTATOES!

The very best way that I have found to make them is to fry them up. I know, I know. Beat me with stones, burn me at the stake. Whatever. I don't even care. Give me thems taters!

Generally, fry oil is pretty horrible for you. In the battle of inflammation, these come in as a #1 offender. Horrible. Plus, when you fry with something like vegetable oil or canola oil, your house SMELLS for days. Gross. I hate this and how my clothes smell from it. Cue in a tip that I learned when I first met Josh and he started cooking for me. He swore it would be delicious. Up and down he swore it. Finally, I let him fry me some potatoes in...


Y'all, this shiz is frickin' delicious. I'm not a duck fan, so I was terrified at first about frying my beloveds in this fat, but people, this is A THING! So good. Plus, it makes your house smell like a roasting chicken and not like heavy rancid oil. I don't do this often; maybe twice a year, but wow, does it make my little one happy. She loves them.

So, here we go, my recipe for duck fat fried potatoes. Go get yourselves some quack fat and see how delicious this is for yourself.

Duck Fat Fried Potatoes

Whatcha Need:

-Duck Fat (found by the butcher)

-Any potatoes - I love red potatoes because I hate peeling. Sliced into 1/2 inch sticks

-House seasoning (post to come on this; basically my favorite blend of seasonings)

How to do it:

Add solid duck fat to a deep skillet and heat up to medium high heat. Place potatoes in heated oil in a single layer without crowding the pan. We want to fry them and not steam them. Every few minutes, turn them over until all sides are browned. Remove from pan and place on to a platter lined with paper towels. Immediately sprinkle with your favorite seasoning or just plain 'ol salt and pepper. Let cool and touch and enjoy!

Let me know how you like them...SO SO good!

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