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I'm Phoning it in on China

No, no...not great wall China; dishes China. I can't phone in anything to China - ain't nobody got $$ for that.

Behold. My lame, old dishes. I've had them since my past life bridal shower (my code for first marriage, ha). I loved them then. The square plate trend was holding strong and I've always been a sucker for a white plate. However, it's been 9 years with these plates and I've gotta tell ya...I'm SO over china/porecelain plates!

Of course it's completely my fault that I chose dinner plates the size of a small platter. My salad plates are almost most dinner plates. They chip easily, are so heavy that my 9 year old hates putting them away. I have to use a separate cabinet for my dinner dishes, they are so large.

This past summer, I bought a set of melamine plates for my outdoor patio and have loved them so much. They are sturdy, don't get knife marks, can go in the diswasher and are so affordable! I know, I know. This seems trashy, but I'm over these clunky, porcelain ones and on to the new!

Cue in Target, because Lord knows they are perfection and temptation in red bullseye. I was killing time with Parker the other night and strolling up and down each aisle. (Note: this is dangerous activity and your wallet WILL be affected.) I found the most lovely Threshold melamine dinner and salad plates. I sat on it for 2 days just to see if I really wanted them and BAM. Ordered.

Those salad plates, though!

Seriously! So cute! I received them today and love them! The one downfall that I forgot about is that they aren't microwave safe. Annoying, but probably a good thing. So...I'm getting rid of my old and in with the new. It feels trashy and amazing all at the same time.


What's one "trashy" choice you've made that you're super happy with?

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